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If Internet access is essential to your business, you need Internet Access Cincinnati.
Established in 1993, IAC is Greater Cincinnati's first, original Internet Service Provider.

IAC remains locally owned and operated and part of our community. Don't take chances with your business; IAC won't.
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Enhanced Collocation Offerings!
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High Speed DSL Service Available
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DSL central
Why DSL?

 Very Fast Speeds - up to 125 times faster than 56kbps dialup modems

 Significantly cheaper than ISDN or T1 service

 No Dial-Up Required; DSL is Always On The reliable standard for business use.
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Server Collocation
Commercial grade server collocation available to customers who must support a high performance web.

Single Locker

Double Locker

Complete Cabinet

are available
to meet your needs.
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Web Development
Your corporate Internet presence can serve a
variety of purposes.

A well developed web site needs to convey the appropriate message or deliver the service that your company intends.
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IAC services
IAC offers a comprehensive set of business class Internet services.

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